From pampering pedicures to radiance boosting facial peels & age-defying injectables we offer a full spectrum of treatments to get you looking gorgeous.

Dermo Fillers

Recommended to fill linear wrinkles, cutaneous depressions, mild or moderate nasogenian folds (the lines between nose and mouth) perioral wrinkles (above lip line) or glabella (in between eyebrows). From £140.

First Lines

Recommended for fine lines and superficial wrinkles in sensitive areas such as crows feet and upper lip lines. From £180.

Deep Lines

A highly viscous product recommended for filling deep facial wrinkles such as nasogenian folds (the lines between nose and mouth) and marionette lines (lines on the lips).


An exclusive, innovative gel formula for treating the sensitive area around the lips, increasing the volume of the lips, filling out lip corners and rehydrating lips, producing a full appearance.

Ultra Deep

A deep dermal filler used for facial sculpting such as cheek and jaw enhancement plus restoring volume to various areas of the face as well as smoothing out deep lines.

Muscle relaxing injections
(BOTOX ® - botulinum toxin) Azzalure ®

As we age, overactive muscle movement gradually wears away the collagen in our skin, causing skin to crease and wrinkles to appear. Muscle relaxing injections relax the facial muscles, preventing the formation of new wrinkles and smoothing out the appearance of existing lines.

BOTOX ® Face Lift
Lift without Surgury

Using muscle controlling BOTOX, which we always thought was just for tweaking those small flaws on the face and erasing wrinkles on the forehead, frown lines and crows feet, we can now add the whole non-surgical face lift by contouring the face and neck muscles in the same way. BOTOX can be injected painlessly into various strong face and neck muscles to give a significant lift on the face and tightening of the neck, giving a younger, prettier, more defined look. The lift should last approximately four months depending on each individual.


Profhilo face, Face & Neck, Arms, Hands.


Rederm, Meso eyes, Face, Neck, Face & neck.


This ancient Chinese art is the most effective and accurate semi permanent way off re-establishing the loss of eyebrows or re-shaping and Volumising existing ones. Using defined fine hair like stroke we are able to reinstate a very nature eyebrow that will once again give balance and definition. Our pigmentation is totally organic with great colour matching.

Example of what can be achieve with Microblading

Example of what can be achieve with Microblading

Example of what can be achieve with Microblading

Example of what can be achieve with Microblading